You are a hotel and want to offer e-bikes for Your clients?

Great! Let’s cooperate! We are Your e-mountainbike-supplier in Crete! You don’t have to invest in expensive new bikes, but can rent them from us.
Our attractice conditions allow You to make both incresing Your clients experience and make additional revenue.

Deliver a new awsome experience to Your clients and they will not only never forget You but also tell their world about it!

Some ideas how we can work together:

  • You rent e-bikes from us for one season and give them back afterwards to get brand new ones the next season – You take care of service an renting out for Yourself and make the most profit out of the e-bikes
  • You can receive additional services from us like a regular bike-service or bike-intructor-tours
  • You promote only e-bike-tours on a regular basis (e.g. a one-day tour every Wednesday with detailked description) – we deliver the bike instructor and as many bikes as the group needs at that moment

Please contact us also for any idea You may have in mind!

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